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ESET Antivirus - Scanning and Update Options

ESET Antivirus - Scanning and Update Options

Idle-State Scanner

Aids system performance by performing full scan proactively when the computer is not in use.
Helps speed up subsequent scans by populating the local cache.

First Scan after Installation

Provides the option to automatically run low priority on-demand scan 20 minutes after installation, assuring protection from the outset.

Update Rollback

Lets you revert to a previous version of protection modules and virus signature database.
Allows you to freeze updates as desired - opt for temporary rollback or delay until manually changed.

Postponed Updates

Provides the option to download from three specialized update servers: pre-release (beta users), regular release (recommended for non-critical systems) and postponed release (recommended for companycritical systems - approximately 12 hours after regular release).

Local Update Server

Saves company bandwidth by downloading updates only once, to a local mirror server.
Mobile workforce updates directly from ESET Update Server when the local mirror is not available.
Secured (HTTPS) communication channel is supported.

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