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ESET Antivirus - Usability

ESET Antivirus - Usability

RIP & Replace

Other security software is detected and uninstalled during installation of ESET Endpoint solutions.
Supports both 32 and 64-bit systems.

Customizable GUI Visibility

Visibility of Graphical User Interface (GUI) to end user can be set to: Full, Minimal, Manual or Silent.
Presence of ESET solution can be made completely invisible to end user, including no tray icon or notification windows.
By hiding the GUI completely, the “egui.exe” process does not run at all, resulting in even lower system resource consumption by the ESET solution.

ESET License Administrator

Makes it possible to handle all licenses transparently, from one place via web browser. You can merge, delegate and manage all licenses centrally in real-time, even if you are not using ESET Remote Administrator.

Touchscreen Support

Supports touch screens and high-resolution displays.
More padding for and complete rearrangement of GUI elements.
Basic frequently used actions accessible from tray menu.

Low System Demands

Delivers proven protection while leaving more system resources for programs that end users regularly run.
Can be deployed on older machines without the need for an upgrade, thereby extending hardware lifetime.
Conserves battery life for laptops that are away from the office, using battery mode.

Right-to-Left Language Support

Native right-to-left language support (e.g. for Arabic) for optimum usability.

Remote Management

ESET Endpoint solutions are fully manageable via ESET Remote Administrator.
Deploy, run tasks, set up policies, collect logs, and get notifications and an overall security overview of your network – all via a single web-based management console.

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